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How to Find a Gym You Actually Go To

So the research is out! This article by the New York Mag highlights some marketing research done to prove that if you want to stick to your resolutions, it’s best to pick a gym that doesn’t require much travel time. offers a pretty neat nearby search function that helps you do just that!

Kids Learn Better When They Move!

A growing number of research studies are pointing to how physical activity helps cognitive skills enhancement, especially in children. Classrooms around the West are slowly integrating activity into typical classroom settings, and hopefully we will see progress in our island where the system is typically siloed into classroom sitting. An article written by the NY

Is Your Routine Not Giving You Results?

Then this article written by Amy Schlinger is just for you: “According to a small study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the solution for “non-responders” (people who see no clear results from exercise that produces significant results for others) is a combination of cardio, resistance training, and functional training. Individuals who mixed all three types

The Newest Gym in Colombo

From climbing walls to projection rooms, Dinendra John talks about the unique features at The Fitness Connection. More about the gym can be found on our site:  

Shoes and Injury Prevention

Whether you’re into running or casual walking, buying a good pair of shoes becomes an important decision at some point. Especially when we run in to injuries or start to feel uncomfortable with the current pair. You’ve probably heard about gait analysis for pronation issues, but most of the research on this doesn’t seem to

Too Busy to Work Out?

The tips highlighted in this article by Martin Bjergegaard has been composed after interviewing 25 high-powered workers from around the world who somehow manage to exemplify healthy work-life balance. Read up if you struggle to motivate yourself and make your work more productive in the long run. How to Stay Fit Despite a Demanding Job

Radhika on Parkour and Freerunning

Radhika Jayasundara and visiting friends Alex Shauer and Joseph Henderson talk about the exciting movement of Parkour and Freerunning. More information on SFPF can be found on our site:

Ido Portal – A Moving Conversation

“Concentrating on aesthetics is reverse engineering, which usually fails.” – Ido Portal Watch this insightful interview with the movement guru on London Real:

4 Types of Sugar Addiction

We understand that all what tastes good isn’t necessarily good for us. While natural sugars contained as carbohydrates and fructose are in fact good for us, the processed variety is what is associated with the sugar addiction that we now know about. This article on MindBodyGreen describes 4 main reasons why people crave sugar and

Biggest Flexibility Myths

Tend to think that you are not flexible enough, or frustrated that your current stretch routine is not giving any results? Read up this article to be aware of common myths that are still prevalent in our fitness culture:   Myth #1 – Stretching before exercise will help you avoid injury. There is actually very