Can’t Stand Exercise Routines?

Well then, this article is just for you. Anna Quinlan on this article tells us why we should ask the question from ourselves “what do we really want to do?” before jumping into any fitness trend.

“It took me a while, but once I realized the value of desire, my whole relationship with exercise changed. Instead of feeling like a chore, it became a choice. Instead of a means to an end, it became an event in itself.

I started by committing to be active in some way — any way — most days of the week. I picked the activity that felt right that day. I ignored the research. I ignored whatever new fad workout the starlet du jour was obsessed with. I didn’t worry too much about the numbers, about how many minutes or calories or pounds were involved.

I began to create a list of the kinds of exercise that I actually enjoyed: bootcamp classes with friends, hot yoga, anything at the beach. Instead of following a rigid plan with certain exercises prescribed each day, I chose what sounded good that day. After a particularly stressful day at work, banging it out at boot camp helped me blow off steam. After I hit a big goal at work, I rewarded myself with a long, leisurely walk at the beach, and I didn’t beat myself up for refusing to break into a run. On days where I knew my excuses were about to choke out my willpower, I got my butt to yoga, where I knew that, if I just showed up, the instructor would take care of the rest.”

“When I stopped thinking about it as exercise, but rather activities that I enjoyed, when I stopped thinking of it as a program that I had to follow, but rather a choice that I got to make based on how I felt that day, it became easy to stay active. From there, from letting my desire lead the way, I began to find even more activities that I liked.”

“We’re lucky to have these bodies that can move so freely and feel so deeply, and wanting to take care of them is part of our humanity. If you’re beating yourself up about the last workout program that you didn’t stick with, I beg you to forgive yourself. If you’re thinking about vowing to start a new program that feels like punishment, I beg you to reconsider.”


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