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Can’t Stand Exercise Routines?

Well then, this article is just for you. Anna Quinlan on this article tells us why we should ask the question from ourselves “what do we really want to do?” before jumping into any fitness trend. “It took me a while, but once I realized the value of desire, my whole relationship with exercise changed.

Ronali on RAW Organic Juice

Young food entrepreneur Ronali talks about the benefits of going organic and gives us an introduction to her venture. More about RAW can be found on our website:  

Workout at Work!

Okay, so you’ve heard that sitting is the new smoking. If you’ve got an office gym or a park nearby, that’s great news. If this is an unlikely scenario where you work, it might be a good idea to include some unobtrusive stretches at your desk. If you’re too embarrassed to do anything in public, you could take a

An Infographic That Might Make You Stand Up

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 😉

Yasas on Cycling as a Workout

Pro-cyclist Yasas Hewage, founder of Spinner and WrooM (cycling community in Sri Lanka), talks about how endurance sports such as cycling helps you get fit, and offers tips for anyone considering riding in the city. An inspiring change-maker with an encouraging message to those who want to make fitness a lifetime hobby. More on Spinner

The Magic of Running

We’ve heard of the phenomenon called “runner’s high” which happens when endorphins and other feel good neurotransmitters flood our brains after a vigorous run. This article by NY Times shows another dimension or a purpose of running so to speak that helps us navigate through everyday complexity. Some of us who’ve experienced it may resonate

What’s Wrong with Our Relationship with Exercising?

Derek Beres on Big Think reflects on the book Movement Matters and makes a few philosophical observations as to how our relationship with movement has changed thanks to sedentary occupations and urbanization. He starts by giving the example of how we have outsourced the job of our postural muscles to our chairs. “This phenomenon extends

Reasons Yoga May Especially Benefit Men

Yoga classes attendees are generally composed of women, and this perception has probably skewed men to assume that it is a more lighter practice that focuses on flexibility and breathing. However, athletes and sportsmen around the world now are increasingly getting in to the mind-body practice as a way to complement, cross-train, increase range or

Suranga on the Consequences of Prolonged Sitting

Physiotherapist Suranga Dassanayake (MPhil, MSc, BSc, DipPT) explains the bio-mechanics that can be affected with prolonged sitting, and a few exercises that can be done to counteract Lower-Crossed Syndrome. His profile can be viewed on our website:

Badass For Life!

“While your body will change, that doesn’t have to make you less capable.” A great article by GMB explains simple strategies to counteract the effects of aging related decline in fitness while showcasing some evidence-based research on the claims that exercisers can maintain fitness for longer than non-exercisers: 1. Don’t Stop Moving the Way You