Why it’s Best Not to Ignore an Injury

It’s common practice among most of us to wait out an injury with wishful thinking that it may go away with time. What we don’t realize though, however, is that certain injuries ignored over the long term can cause imbalances elsewhere in the system, sometimes exacerbating the original one!

This MindBodyGreen article written by Dr. Joanna Zeiger highlights five important reasons why your injury is not healing as it should and what you can do about it before it gets worse.

“It is imperative to get a proper diagnosis. This step cannot be ignored and can take a very long time. Don’t give up on this step, even if it means seeing or talking to multiple doctors and educating yourself by reading articles from trusted sources.”

“It is simple to stick to a rehab plan for a few days or to go into physical therapy for hands-on work coupled with exercises under the guidance of a therapist. But a true rehab plan calls for a healthy dose of home exercises that should be executed daily for many months and even after the injury has resolved to ensure that it does not return.”

“Pain pills and anti-inflammatories mask symptoms, which can actually be a detriment when rehabbing an injury.”

“One of the biggest problems with an injury is the inability to get the endorphins we love so much. But rather than going back to doing what injured you in the first place, try to find other ways to get that fix—at least for a while. I despise walking, but I make it a huge part of my daily activities when I cannot run. Indeed, many injuries do not require total rest; it is a matter of determining the movement patterns that exacerbate the injury.”

The full article can be read here: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-25351/5-reasons-your-injury-isnt-healing-how-to-get-better-stat.html

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