What’s Touch Got to Do With It?

Some of us seem to dread going to a masseur and wonder why others seem to find enjoyment in something that infringes the private space that is our own body. The users report tales of relaxation and stress relief. However, we don’t hear much about the physical benefits of this age old tradition –  may it be Ayurvedic, Swedish, or sports massage.

The therapy is claimed be quite the panacea – from relieving headaches, reducing joint pain, reducing anxiety, alleviating insomnia and even assisting Cancer management! This article proves it so: http://www.lifehack.org/363310/20-reasons-why-massage-can-significantly-benefit-your-health

You can now browse our website to find where you can gain the benefits of therapeutic massage on our Spa section.

If you haven’t got the time for a full body massage, foot reflexology can offer physiological benefits too.

Regular sports massage is recommended by experts and could be a great complement to your active lifestyle. Visit our physiotherapy section and look for services that offer deep tissue and sports massage.